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 Summertime Maths

For Year 10 Students


Mathematics is necessary in many degrees for many different reasons.

"Australian industry needs mathematically trained graduates."

Critical Skills for Australia's Future
Review of Math Sciences in Australia
December 2006

Many job opportunities require the application of logic and problem solving skills--both are learnt through the study of Mathematics.

Choosing the wrong level of Mathematics limits University training and career options.


Maths for the 21st Century
Maths and Your Career
Maths at the HSC
UOW Maths Degrees
The UOW Maths Experience
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About this menu
The items in this menu shed light on how Mathematics is used in today's world and how it is relevant to various careers. There is information regarding study at the University of Wollongong. Finally, we recognise the need to keep your Mathematics skills "fresh", which is why there are a number of refreshers that include tests to check your skills and brief theory to revise as you study for the HSC and prepare for University.


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