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Topic Refreshers

These brief modules are here to help you revise weak areas in your Mathematics. Some topics should be covered before you start University in the Summertime, others can be used to revise the material contained in your University subject. Note that each subject page on this DVD has a list of topics you should revise for studies at UOW (go via the UOW Maths Subjects page).

Under the link for each topic listed below, you will find the following.
Self-Tests   These are to help you find out whether your skills are up-to-scratch or whether you need revision and practice.
Theory Refresher   This is a very short reminder of the theory you should know concerning the topic.
Worked Examples   These help you see the theory in practice. Many of these come with written solutions as well as video solutions, for that personal touch!
Practice Questions   These questions (around fifty) come with just answers to give you more practice in the topic.
Links and Texts   This is a list of text books and web links that you are referred to if you want more information, or if you need more details to fully understand the topic.

Note that you can go directly to these topics from any page on this DVD. Once you know the name of the topic of interest, you will find these direct links more useful to gain access to the relevant information.

Elementary Algebra
Algebraic Fractions
Arithmetic of Fractions
Cartesian Geometry
Trigonometry: -
Elementary Trigonometry
  [Right-angled triangle trigonometry]
- Intermediate Trigonometry
  [Trigonometry on angles of any size, radian measure]
- Advanced Trigonometry
  [Trigonometric functions and identities]


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